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Hi everybody!

Fashion show! How do you like my apron? So today is a very special day That’s why I’m wearing this apron You know why? This apron.. I bought this a few years ago when I travelled to Korea at the airport, Incheon Airport I got this So I saved, saved, saved it for this video recipe You know what I’m going to make?

Doenjang-jjigae! Korean fermented soybean paste stew Let’s make doenjang jjigae today! Doenjang-jjigae is the most popular stew among Koreans. This is almost everyday side dish Always eat it with rice

I have never seen a Korean born in korea who hates doenjang jjigae! If you have any Koreans friends that you see “you hate doenjang jjigae? please raise your hand” I can’t see anyone! That much doenjang jjigae is really important in Korean life Doenjang jjigae is not just simple food

It has something to do with Korean culture our ancestors and also all this in Korean cuisine without doenjang you can’t think about Korean cuisine I make it with my homemade doenjang!

See? Smells so good! This is the same bowl I used when I made videos for the first time eight years ago See?

I moved from Canada to America I brought this It is like my friend! So I cannot throw away my friend, isn’t it? First, I’m going to use potato peeled potato medium sized, around one cup I’ll just cut it into small size into half-inch pieces, like cubes just put them into the bowl Onion, around also same amount, one cup By the way, some people ask me

Maangchi, what is your one cup? What is it in millilitre? This is American standard measurement I got this from IKEA So cheap! This is one cup

My one cup, it says, 240ml so one cup and cut into small pieces around half-inch cubes Whenever I make doenjang jjigae these two items are very essential it’s potato and onion then we like to add more like vitamin and more texture I would use this zucchini so zucchini, around one cup same amount Six cups earthenware bowl We added three cups of vegetables one cup, one cup, one cup and then green chili peppers green chilli peppers,

really adds a nice flavor into the doenjang jjigae four cloves of garlic mince! next

Seven dried anchovies large size head and here is gut discard we are going to use head and also body usually, I just only use dried anchovies’ body parts and boil later, I take it out before serving, I take it out each one, one by one, with my chopsticks but today

I’m going to show you a very easy way it’s a kind of pouch body part and head part, all together and then, here you can make this, cover like this

stash it somewhere like this so I’m going to add this four shrimp large size tiger shrimp

remove the intestines this way along the way the back part you can open this then, you see around here is the intestine part

but, this guy doesn’t have intestines so can you see that? this little small thing this is intestine this guy Wash

just cut into small pieces Now, we need to add water Two and a half cups of water yeah, almost full and then, let’s boil! Medium high heat

and then around 15 minutes after it starts to really boil we are going to add doenjang if we use a stainless steel pot it takes less than this, 15 minutes

maybe 7, 8 minutes later you need to add soy bean paste because you know, earthenware pot takes a long time to get heated and also it cools down very slowly heat up slowly

cool down slowly that’s earthenware pot that’s why I love it! this is a quarter cup one tablespoon more total of 5 tablespoons

and cover just half turn down the heat to medium and then we are going to cook for 20 minutes Meanwhile, I’m going to cut this tofu

cut into small pieces around half inch cubes smells good! and then green onion chop chop chop! green onion Okay! Time to add tofu! Let’s go! and clean up around here, when it’s really hot you can easily clean use a wet paper towel cook for another couple of minutes Today, I didn’t prepare many side dishes I’m going to eat doenjang jjigae and my special kimchi this is winter kimchi

I made this almost three months ago when was it? about two and a half months ago I made this i made this kimchi with my secret stuff i buried

when i made this kimchi I posted it on my Facebook Everybody was curious about that what is it inside “what did you bury, Maangchi?” I said “oh..”

“I’m going to release this secret, a few months later” Today is the time! Wow! Really well fermented and salty!

just a little bit What is it? This is… shrimp! Inside of the kimchi this is naturally cooked So, really tasty!

and this is this is fresh cod a chunk of cod meat Cheong-gak (청각) this is a kind of sea plant

sea vegetable really tasty we southern part people would love this and… add here dried cheong-gak, i added so remove… this pouch anchovy pouch green onion Everybody has a small bowl like this so that you don’t have to double dip


First, rice! Rice! Mmmm! Mmmmmm! Amazing! Oh my gosh, so good!

Really savory! Savory taste, but a little sweet because of the onions So earthy and salty

and also not greasy and very refreshing refreshing my throat! That’s why all Koreans love doenjang jjigae I’d like to taste my kimchi Okay, I’d have some of my “buried stuff”!

Shrimp Cod Fermented shrimp fermented fish and taste like kimchi and cooked

Fermented cheong-gak (청각) sea vegetable Today, we made special doenjang-jjigae because it’s made with special homemade doenjang the most delicious stew among Koreans, Me! (laugh) Doenjang-jjigae!

Enjoy my recipe! See you next time, bye!



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